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Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger
- author unknown

Friday, January 15, 2010

Bye Bye Cooties.... could you stay away for awhile

Early last week Sam had a very mild stomach bug and now this week.......
Sam is back to school today after missing 3 days this week from strep throat =( This is the first time he has ever had strep and he was pitiful! Started out on Monday afternoon with 102 fever and by Tuesday night he had broke out into a horrible rash. The trunk of his body and face were red as fire, luckily benadryl did the trick until we made it to see Dr. Dudley Wednesday morning. She said as soon as she saw his rash and throat/tonsils, she knew he was positive and the throat swab confirmed it! Amazing how fast some Amoxicillin can do the trick though, he was feeling better in 24 hours! Thank goodness!! Now praying Chad and I dont catch it. Bye Bye cooties, please stay away now for awhile!!
Yea, for Sam's GrEaT report card that he brought home from school on Monday! So proud of how well he has done in Kindergarten this year! I am lovin listening to him read and seeing how well his handwriting is improving! Way to Go Sam!!!!

Today I will be working my tail off to get my house clean and clothes washed after doing nothing but laying around with Sam this week (which by the way I so enjoyed snuggling with him for 3 days) Tonight we are having a surprise birthday party for my MawMaw at my house. She will be 85 years young on Monday =) I love her so so much and am so thankful for each and every day we have with her. I really wish I could slow myself down and get over to her house and visit with her more than I do! Love you MawMaw!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy this heatwave!


Sarah said...

I'm glad Sam is feeling better and I hope you'll don't get his cooties!! When I taught the littler ones I got the cooties a lot!

one BleSSed gal! said...

We are getting attacked by the cooties again at our house too =( I'm glad Sam is feeling better! Will Spring EVER get here???
Hope you've had a fun nite with your MawMaw!