The Lord is near. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4:4-9

Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger
- author unknown

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Had a Wonderful Christmas even though Sam was SOOOOO sick.....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday, celebrating the birth of our wonderul savior, with family, friends, and good food. We did...... just a little later than most. Sam started getting sick last monday and by Christmas Eve he was the sickest Ive ever seen him, I really do believe we avoided the hospital only because it was Christmas Eve! He was dehydrated, high fever, tonsils swollen so big they were touching with white pus all over them, which made him not be able to breathe, wouldnt eat or drink and was dry heaving. IT WAS BAD, we made several trips to the Dr, blood work and a sick 4 year old dont mix. His White blood count was 18 and should be 5, they came to a conclusion he has mono. Anyways we cancelled Christmas at our house on Christmas day with my side of the family and had that get together yesterday. I thank God my sweet baby is finally feeling some better!!! We had a great time with family yesterday, yummy food, and more presents for Sam to open! He got lots of great new toys, so many he doesnt even know what to play with.
I hope Santa was good to everyone, he sure was to Sam. I am looking forward to this next week, just spending time with my hubby and Sam, now that hopefully we will all stay well and just enjoy spending some time together while Chad is off work!
Thank you to all my friends who have constantly been praying for and checking in on Sam, thanks so much, I was really worried about him!
Next time you read my blog I hope to have it redecorated, time to take down all the Christmas decorations!

~Jennifer (I will post Christmas pics soon!!!!)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

Well its been a while since I have posted anything, we have been unbelievably busy! I have so many pictures to post but will wait and make a slide show later.
We have so enjoyed the month of December, we have taken Sam to so many fun Christmas events, and truly enjoyed teaching Sam the true meaning of Christmas this year. He has been so into the story of the birth of Jesus and gets so excited every time he sees a nativity scene, he says "mom, look, look, its baby Jesus, and he has sang away in a manger over and over, I think that is his favorite, its so sweet to hear him sing it. Christmas through a childs eyes is AMAZING. Anyways, unfortunately my sweet baby Sam is sick, he has a horrible throat infection with the great ole white stuff on his throat and cant breathe, he has been on antibiotics since Mon. and I just hope and pray he gets to feeling better soon, so he can enjoy all the goodies Santa is gonna leave for him tomorrow night!!!!!

Well I just want to wish everyone a VeRy MeRrY CHRISTmas!! Hope everyone has a great time with their families and gets lots of goodies from good ole St. Nick! Be Safe if you are gonna be traveling!

Most of all I want to thank you dear heavenly father for all of my wonderful blessings you have given my, I thank you so much for your son Jesus as we celebrate his birth during this holiday season. I pray for all of my family and friends who dont know you, that this may be the Christmas that you draw them to you! We miss PawPaw so much right now, but know he is with you dear Lord, please help MawMaw through these next few days as she misses him so badly! In your precious sons name, JESUS! Amen

Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Elf on the Shelf....... "Dasher"

Meet our elf........ Sam named him "Dasher", its the cutest thing ever to see Sam look at this little elf and talk to him , telling him what to tell Santa tonight when he flys to the north pole to tell Santa about his day! Tonight he told Dasher "please tell Santa Im sorry if I was bad today, Im gonna be good the rest of the day"! Then he said mom does he really fly? Of course I said , you have to believe!!! What fun, the magic of Christmas!!!! If you dont know about the elf on the shelf you have to check out the website
Your elf will come with a book that tells your child the story and then your child names his/her elf and its a tradition every year! Sam just wants to touch Dasher so bad but Ive told him he cant it will mess up his elf dust and he wont be able to fly to the N.P.. Sam stops whining the minute I tell him Dasher is watching and he will report to Santa tonight!

Sam with his elf Dasher in the background sitting on the edge of a frame!

How cute!!!!! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally..... All Decorated for Christmas

Thought I would share my holiday "tweaking"! Im finally all decorated! I love this time of the year!! Now Ive got to get some presents under the tree and Christmas cards out in the mail. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, getting in the spirit, and most of all remembering the true reason for the season!

This is something I made last year being that is was the first year without my PawPaw, a poem called Christmas in Heaven, I made several and gave to my MawMaw,mom, aunt,sister, and one for me, just something to help us remember even though we miss him so much he is in a wonderful place having the most joyful Christmas ever!

These are two of most favorite ornaments on my tree, the first one is an angel that was on my moms tree when I was a little girl and I remember it always being on our tree and now its on my tree.
The second ornament my aunt found for me last year, as you may remember PawPaw and I sang you are my sunshine to each other, My aunt said she wasnt at all looking for an ornament, she just walked into Belks last year Christmas shopping, and it was like the ornament on the tree was just shining, like here I am buy me for Jennifer and Christi (my sister), she said it was like PawPaw was talking to her telling her to get these for us, letting us know he was ok and we were still his sunshine! WOW! When she gave it to me and told me that, I lost it! You are my sunshine PawPaw, I miss you!

These pictures are of past Christmas of Sam and Santa, I Love the first one, he was 2 and this was the first time we got him to sit in Santas lap, he wouldnt take his eyes off of him to look at the camera for a picture, but I love it!

Has anyone heard of uppercase living... . I am addicted to this stuff. My friend is a rep and Im thinking about selling it if I dont get pregnant soon. These are a few pictures in my house of things I did with uppercase living. What do you think?

Just a few more of my decorations.....
I love my nativity scene, this ceramic tree was my grandmas.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, we are going to the christmas parade Sat, and Sam and other little ones from church are gonna go caroling Sat night!


Monday, December 1, 2008

SO Busy......

I have been so busy, there's been no time to blog! I LOVE this time of the year, except for the hustle and bustle of it all, thats what makes it go by to fast!
Wish we could all just slow down and enjoy it more because the holidays come and go so fast. Thanksgiving has come and gone, it was a great one! I sure missed my Paw Paw though, this is the second holiday season without him and it doesnt get any easier. We spent it with family and ate entirely too much! Very proud of myself, I stayed home on Fri. and didnt even go shopping, first time ever! We are completely done with Sams presents now I need to shop for everyone else.......

Well how did all of you BAMA fans enjoy the Iron Bowl, I absolutley loved it!

It snowed here today, Sam absolutely loved that, got some cute pics of him running around in it! BRRRR, its really cold though!

Well not alot to blog about, just felt like I needed to update my page a little.

Hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit!

Here are some recent pics from thanksgiving.........

playing a little football after thanksgiving dinner
My sweet MawMaw Daisy and sister Christi
Chad and Sam

Sam and his best buddy in the world, his cousin Wes, my nephew, arent they both cuties

Me and my doodlebug