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Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Elf on the Shelf....... "Dasher"

Meet our elf........ Sam named him "Dasher", its the cutest thing ever to see Sam look at this little elf and talk to him , telling him what to tell Santa tonight when he flys to the north pole to tell Santa about his day! Tonight he told Dasher "please tell Santa Im sorry if I was bad today, Im gonna be good the rest of the day"! Then he said mom does he really fly? Of course I said , you have to believe!!! What fun, the magic of Christmas!!!! If you dont know about the elf on the shelf you have to check out the website
Your elf will come with a book that tells your child the story and then your child names his/her elf and its a tradition every year! Sam just wants to touch Dasher so bad but Ive told him he cant it will mess up his elf dust and he wont be able to fly to the N.P.. Sam stops whining the minute I tell him Dasher is watching and he will report to Santa tonight!

Sam with his elf Dasher in the background sitting on the edge of a frame!

How cute!!!!! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!!

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Simply Dandy said...

That is adorable...I love the picture of him with the elf. Awwwww!! He is a cutie!!