The Lord is near. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4:4-9

Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger
- author unknown

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heavy heart for the Stover family tonight........

Tonight my heart is so heavy for the Stover family.
I did not know Whitney or her family personaly but know that she is from our community Meridianville. I cant even imagine what the family is going through tonight, I pray that God will be with them, just give them strenghth and courage to make it through these next few days. I really dont even know what else to say other than everyone please just pray for them!


Thankful Thursday........

Today I am so thankful for this bible verse..........
God is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine Ephesians 3:20

Today I am so thankful for the hope and faith that I have in God, and this verse just helps to remind me no matter how down I get about our infertility struggles God is so able to take care of it for us, and I know he will!
This is our last month of continuing on with the fertility meds we are trying now. I have an appointment with Dr. Long in Birmingham in the middle of February, Oh how I pray that this could be the month and we would just be able to cancel that appointment.

I am so thankful for the verse.........
For this child we prayed and God has granted us our request Samuel 1:27
Although we had the same infertility struggles when trying to get pregnant with Sam, God was so good to us and blessed us so richly with the most wonderful little man I could ever have prayed for and this verse is how we came to name him Samuel Austin.

Of course there are many many verses I can list that Im so thankful for, of course always John 3:16, but these were just a couple that I thought about today!

God is so good, what bible verse are you thankful for today?

(Laura if you read, Im praying for you and your PawPaw)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A very down in the dumps kind of day.........

This whole week Ive just been down, just over the whole not being able to get pregnant..... I knew it was probaly coming to this, I went through the same thing with Sam, but there was just hope and prayers that we wouldnt have to go down this road again. Everyone may be tired of hearing me talk about it, but it just helps to vent a little! And again I know how truly blessed I am to have Sam, I could be like others who are unable to ever have children! So today, my drs. office called in another prescription of my infertility med. and off we go, another cycle, another month that I will pray to God that it will be his will for it to happen this month!!!
My nurse told me today that Dr. Ru thinks if not pregnant this month, then Im off to the ART program again, which is in Birmingham and that is where we went to get help with getting Sam here! The most frustrating thing this time is that my progesterone levels are much much higher than they were, and its still not happening!
Some people have said to me are you sure you want to go through this again, after all that I went through to get Sam (it was very complicated), others say to me just be thankful for Sam ( believe me I AM SO THANKFUL, he is such a blessing and I love him with all my heart) I just feel that I am meant to be a mommy again!!!! Right now I wish I could truly say and mean it, "well if we dont get pregnant again, its ok I have Sam" but I just dont feel that, I want Sam to have a brother or sister so bad!
Ok, I know thats enough, Im going on and on, but like I said, I just needed to vent a little! Please dont think Im sounding selfish....... I really dont want to sound that way!
Please keep us in your prayers, that what is meant to be, whatever Gods will be for us, that it will be and I will have strength, and faith to deal with it all!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sams first taste of hockey and more.......

Lets just say Sam is in LOVE with hockey! We took him to his first Huntsville Havoc game Sat. night and he thought that was the most awesome thing ever! Also it was the
Melissa George NICU fundraiser night, so we were so excited to be there for that!
Chad and I used to be true Huntsville Channel Cat fans back when we were just dating so being there brought up lots of great memories for us!

Anyways, Sam wanted to get down on the ice and skate, so I guess our next adventure will be to take him ice skating! He had pizza and sprite, got him a little hockey stick, a Chris George bobble head, his picture made with Chaos (the mascot), he just had the best night! The havoc won and it was a great game! When we got home, Chad gave him a hockey puck that he had and he was hitting it down the hall with his new stick, we couldnt even get him to bed without letting him do that a few times! He wants to know when are we going back???

What fun!!!

I was so glad we got to go to this game since it was the Melissa George NICU night!
I can only imagine in my heart what it must still be like on a daily basis for the George family, I know that it must be so hard yet on a night like that to see what their little angel is doing for so many other families that have to experience the NICU, what a blessing! Amy, I am so glad I finally got to meet you in person even though I felt as if Ive known you forever, your faith in God is amazing, thanks for being so sweet and sharing it through your blog! I am so glad the night turned out great for you and your family, that Chris got to play and have his jersey retired, and that so much money was able to be raised in Melissa's name. You and your family are truly a blessing to our community! Oh, and Sam has his Chris bobble head on his shelf and is so PROUD of it!

Sunday was my Maw Maw's 84th birthday and we had a great day with family at her house! I love you Maw Maw!!!! My mom, Maw Maw, and me
Maw Maw and Sam

Also we finally got a Wii, so Monday we stayed in since it was so cold and played all day, what fun we are gonna have with that, I will have to post some pics of that later!

It was a great weekend but yet a little discouraging, yet again I found out this wasnt the month we were to be pregnant. I just know Im meant to be a mommy to another baby. I cried till about 3 in the morning Sun. just asking God why? and I know I shouldnt do that!!!! Im trying hard to keep the faith and constantly remind myself, "Jennifer, in GODS time it WILL happen" I just felt like maybe this was gonna be the month and then came the let down. I know I have so much to be thanful for, I really do, but it's just so hard!

Hope everyone has a joyful and blessed week,


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I saw this today on a blog that I follow and thought Oh how fun to list 13 reasons I love being Sam's mommy.........

1)because he is my first and only child and I just love him more than I could ever express!

2)because I get to hold him in the mornings when he wakes up and snuggle and give him kisses, he's so sweet when he wakes up in the mornings with his crazy hair sticking up every where.

3)I love to watch his outgoing friendly personality, he will talk to and carry on a conversation with anyone, all the adults at church always talk about how he talks to them.

4)because he is such a caring loving little boy.

5)because hes definitley a momma's boy

6)because he wants to be just like his daddy and what a great example that is!

7)because Im getting to watch him learn about Jesus every day, at home, at school and at church. I love that he wants to learn more and more about him, he's so proud of his bible with "his" name on it, couldnt wait to show it to EVERYONE when he got it!

8)I love listening to him memorize and recite his bible verses for school and AWANAS every week and hope he will always hide GODS word in his little heart!

9)I love to smell him when he's just gotten a bath (Johnsons bedtime bath lavender scent) ( Im like you Deidre, think I will give him a bath with this as long as I can)

10) I love to listen to him pray at night, especially when he says a prayer about PawPaw (whom went to be with Jesus a year and half ago) and to help MawMaw with her back pain. One night after praying, he knows how much I miss PawPaw and he said "Mommy you can pretend Im PawPaw if you want too" How sweet, it just broke my heart!

11) because we get to watch scooby doo every night at 7:30, Chad and I loved scooby doo when we were little, so we all love watching it together!

12) because I get to teach him right from wrong and then see him follow through with it.

13) because he is soooo CUTE!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun family weekend and still hope that this could be the month........

We had a great weekend, Fri. night we were off to see the Monster Truck show at the agribition center in huntsville, one of Sams favorites, he loves some monster trucks! He had a great time, and I think that Chad enjoyed it just as much, he went to many of these in his childhood, so he was explaining it all to Sam. I have to say it was pretty action packed and entertaining! I think Sams favorite was being able to go down in the "pit" to see the trucks up close and wave his checkered flag and get all the drivers autogrpahs!

Sat. it was time to go have my bloodwork drawn again, I just keep praying every month that this will be the month we will find out we are pregnant......... I know, in God's time, its just hard to stay positive! After my bloodwork, we were off to have lunch and then to Best Buy, we are still looking for a Wii game system but everyone is still sold out from Christmas, I want the wii fit so bad!!!

Well my hubby is calling me to make him some coffee, it is so cold here, i wish it would snow, but we never get it around here...... Everyone have a great week!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

A story of a young boys faith.......

Wow, this just brought me to tears!!! You have to watch this video clip!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I can say is how Awesome......

~pause my music player so you can hear this video~


Friday, January 2, 2009

A Happy New Year....... a few resolutions.... and one new years wish

Last night we went out to eat with family for New Years to Logans, we had a great time, its always fun when you are with the people you love.

Wes and Anna with our sweet Sam. Wes is my nephew and Anna is his girlfriend or should I say Sam's girlfriend, he loves her!!! And so do we!! They were home from college!

My sister Christi having a good time and her husband Timmy

My mom and step dad Frankie

2009 Resolutions
I always have new year resolutions but have a hard time sticking to and following through with them......... Here they are.......

1)spend more time reading my bible,in prayer, and being faithful to my savior Jesus Christ and know that hes gonna take care of all the rest!!!

2)I lost about 40 lbs about a year and half ago and I really need to get back to sticking to that diet,Ive gained about 10 back! its only gonna help my fertility issues!!!!!

3)follow through with my resolutions

There is probaly more that I could list but no.1 is the most important and I know whatever else I need help with, as long as I follow my no.1 resolution, he will help me with the rest.

My Wish for 2009 is that we would be blessed with a healthy pregnancy, I would love for 2009 to be the year that we could welcome a new little one into our family, as I have said before I know its in Gods hands and in his time it will happen!!

I hope all of you will turn to God with your 2009 resolutions and know that with him you can do it!

And finally I posted some Christmas pictures in the post below!

Finally Some Christmas pictures......

Cant believe it took me so long to post some Christmas pictures, but finally here they are......

at huntsville train store for christmas open house

our yearly trip to santas village

took a trip to nashville with christi and wes to opryland hotel and bass pro to see their christmas village

christmas with nana and shawn
sam was an angel in the christmas program at church
notice his eye... he had a stye on his right eye
makin our first gingerbread house

makin some sugar cookies
gettin santas cookies and milk and ruldolphs carrots ready
look what santa has leftafter sam had been so sick for christmas with mono we couldnt wait to get out of the house on this beautiful day to the park in december