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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cant believe how long its been...

Cant believe how long its been since I have posted anything!! I've been reading and still keeping up with all of you but just not making any time to post something myself. Just realized its been like 2 weeks or longer.... So here goes!!

We are still enjoying these long HOT summer days so much ( well not so much the HOT part)!! Just please could it slow down these last 3 weeks, just a little!

Gonna start by catching you up with how we spent our 4th of July.... It was GrEaT!! We headed on over to Atlanta, one of my very favorite places to go. Chad and I have lotsa fond memories of Braves games together while we were dating and after we married. Now its such a JOY to go and make more memories there with Sam. He is ALL AbOuT the Braves!! and boy does his daddy love that. We took him a couple years ago but for some reason missed out on last year. So, this year we knew we had to make it happen! Heading over for 4th of July was the perfect time and the weather, let me just say it couldnt have been any more perfect for baseball!! It was mid 80's and no humidity the whole time, PERFECT!! We drove over on Friday, was able to enjoy 2 great games, great food, some time with great friends who came over for the 2nd game, great fireworks, what more could you ask for!!

Now for lots of pictures =)

Just arrived at the hotel, Sam couldnt believe how big all the buildings were in downtown ATL

getting to Turner Field

of course we had to see Homer

testing out his pitching skills

love these 2 boys of mine ;)
getting in our seats and ready for the game

i took lots of pics of the Braves playing but this guy here is my FAV!
celebrating a GREAT win, in extra innings
one of the best firework shows i had ever seen
a little boy with not a care in the world, he couldnt have been happier
this was our 2nd day at the park, sam running the kid bases
me & my boys!
i pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America....
we met up with some friends who were there for the 2nd game

after another great win for the Braves, all the kids got to go down on the field and run the real bases!! This is Sam standing in front of the Braves dugout!
finishing up at home plate =) they all got a certificate and t-shirt that says" i ran the bases at Turner Field"
another great day of baseball, headed back to the hotel

just one more pic of my FAV!! yes, i was like the papparazzi as he was leaving to get in his
truck and go home =)
I <3 chipper =")

We had the MOST AWESOME time!! Ready to go back!!

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one BleSSed gal! said...

Well, hey there paparazzi :)
What a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th! I love all these pictures...definitely makes me excited about our little get-away!