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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swim lessons for Sam...... Day 1

Day 1 of swim lessons for Sam went GREAT! Not sure if I have mentioned last years swim lesson experience but it was HORRIBLE and completely traumatized Sam! It was a level one class, his first ever swimming class and they had them jump off the diving board on the first day!!! Sam had no fear of the water at that point and so he jumped right off, of course there was a teacher right there in the water waiting on him but still this is level one, I thought just the basics! Well he jumped off, drank probaly a gallon of water and that was it for him. I had to drag him down there every day kicking and screaming because he was terrified from then on. My heart was broken, cause he wanted to learn so bad but now he had this great fear. We went to the beach and swimming lots more after that but he wouldnt trust Chad or I either one to show him how to go under water or any of the basics. So here we are this year about to try this all again, need I say at a different place!! He was very nervous about it, but when he got there was very brave. The first thing he said, "look mom they dont even have a diving board" which made him more than happy! The teachers took it slow and Sam did everything they asked him to do!!
YEA! I feel so bad because most of his little buddies that we swim with are pretty much swimming on their own this year and Sam wants to so bad. Hopefully this will be the year and he'll get it!!! Proud of my little buddy!
Of course I have pictures to share :)


Amy said...

I'm so glad this is a better experience for him! I'm sure he will pick it right up!


FireWife425 said...

Good Luck SAM!

Nikki F

gabgirl said...

we used a 'safety seal float' with our boys (and my neice & nephew) and that's how they learned to swim! it is the best thing EVER! we bought ours at johnson pool company in huntsville. also, i think you can google it & find it on email me if you can't find it

it has a padded front and back that are filled with foam pads. something about the way it's made gets you're child used to holding themselves up & maneuvering the way you should in the water when you swim. you take out a few at a time and before you know it...they're SWIMMING!

sooooo glad the swimming lessons are going well! he looks happy as can be in the pictures!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Thanks for the info gg I will check that out :)

Memaw Barbie said...

Sam just needs a little more time in the water. We love to swim at Laura's and we always need an extra pair of eyes. He will pick it up soon. Blessings