The Lord is near. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4:4-9

Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger
- author unknown

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where are you in your FAITH??

By Gods grace and by FAITH I know that I will have eternal life in Heaven.

This week we have had revival at church. Last night the topic was about FAITH and the pastor discussed four places one can be with faith :
1)No Faith

2)Little Faith

3)Desperate Faith

4)Confident Faith

This topic was one I will admit I struggle with on a daily basis. I have FAITH!! I know who my God is, where I am going and I am SO thankful and grateful of that!! But I feel I struggle and wish I could get to that place where I always have that Confident faith, where I would never ever question God and that I could always release complete control of everything to him and I mean everything!!

The pastors definition of these were of course a person of no faith just flat out doesnt have it and they dont beleive. Little faith would be a person who maybe accepts Jesus as their savior,believes in God but it doesnt go any further than that. He said this may be a person who walked down the aisle at church experiences that great feeling of the holy spirit calling them and prays to recieve Christ and then they may never go to church or rely on God, and/or never pray to God about anything. Desperate Faith would be a person who believes, has faith, and has accepted Christ but only do you find them relying on God when they are in desperate need, when there is a crisis. Confident faith is when you give complete control of your life and your every need to God because you know by Faith he will provide your every need if you let him. This is sometimes hard and the pastor said he finds hiself struggling sometimes to stay in confident faith. There may be times in your life when you just want to say God, WHY me? or HOW can I make it through this. Those are the times we need to be in confident faith the most, these are the times when if we just rely on him it will be so much easier for us to make it through those times.

With me I have to say I find myself goin through all of them except no faith. Through this struggle with infertility, i have to admit it is hard not to have little faith some days and want to ask God Why me? Other days I think Im in desperate faith, Im pleaing to God, I know only he can fix this problem. But why cant I get to the place in my life that I am always is confident faith.

Last night, during the invitation I felt like I needed to go down to the altar and just pray and for some reason I didnt, I stood their at that pew and I felt God telling me, Jennifer, I need your complete and confident faith. Right now that is my prayer, God get me to that place!!

Without faith in your life and without relying on God we will have so many struggles. We are gonna have struggles even when we do have faith but the only way to make it through those times is truly relying on God, by FAITH.


The HoneaBees said...

Good post Jennifer. I am commenting because usually when I post things like this, I get no response. Maybe people see it, but just don't want to comment their struggles?
I feel like I have confident faith because I am a person that just lets God take care of it all. BUT, because I have such faith, I find that my prayer life suffers. What I mean is, I find that I go through things and when I am on the other side, I think "did I even pray about that?" And it's because I know God provides and I totally rely on him, but I don't think I talk to him enough.
So, having confident faith isn't always enough. And that's my two cents.

The Exciting "E" Sisters said...

Very good post. I have to agree with Kera. I too have confident Faith alot and go through a situation without even praying. God has shown me alot lately that He not only wants me too have total faith in Him but to have a relationship daily with Him menaing praying more than just at meals and bedtime.

joy said...

I'm in total agreement with the above comments. I am often so confident that God will take care of everything that I think sometimes I miss out on seeing just how He does it. I think that often in desperate faith, our eyes are open to see the results of our prayers, groanings & pleadings. But in confident faith, I often forget just how awesome He is! And sad to say but in confident faith I often forget to stop & say "thank you"'s as if I assume He WILL take care of it & I assume He knows how thankful I am. I think that in moments of desperate faith, IF we allow that to grow into a confident faith, we come out much stronger & much closer to the Him, because we've seen him it work & we're in awe of Him. Just like a good friend, when they help you through the hard(desperate)times, your relationship is forver changed =)

Lorie said...

Loved this post~
It was very refreshing to see your sincerity and heart in this post. Only God and we know our hearts-from the outside your looks confident and trusting in Him. That's really what He asks of us is to trust Him, not ourselves or our circumstances. Looking back I believe that that has come for me with maturity and experiencing Him.
Sometimes we give Him things to take care of, then we take them back~ AS I've got older and wiser I take them back less and less because I realize He can do way better than me!
Love ya sweet girl!

gabgirl said...

if i'm honest...i'm ALL of these at different times in my life. i can't pin myself to just one! i'm in different phases/stages of faith depending on the circumstances & situations i find myself in. i think that makes me "real."

when i find myself in desperate situations...i'm desperate in my faith.

when things are going great and i'm doing things like i should (praying, studying, reading god's word, etc...)...i find myself in confident faith.

so on & so on.

i think the beautiful thing is...god loves me no matter where i am. he knows we're human. he knows our hearts. he knows that it hard to be "who we should be in him" because LIFE IS HARD.

he. is. perfect.
and, thankfully he knows we're not.