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- author unknown

Friday, November 13, 2009

My name is Tom Turkey and Im afraid as can be....

My name is Tom Turkey and I'm afraid as can be
I'm wearing my disguise so you wont catch me

This was a family project that Sam had to do for school. Tom the turkey had to be disguised as a different animal or character in hopes of avoiding being caught for Thanksgiving Day dinner!
Sam first wanted to make his Tom Turkey a football player, then he changed to a army man, and finally decided on a clown.
I think it turned out pretty cute!!
You can tell in the first picture what the turkey looked like before and then in the last picture after he was disguised.


Deidre said...

So Cute! I remember doing that when I was in school LOOOOONNNGG ago :)

Sarah said...

Very cute! I miss teaching the little ones sooooo much. I think my 5th graders would laugh at me if I tried to do that with them!

gabgirl said...

i LOVE this!
it brings back memories of my boys doing this in kindergarten. one of mine disguised his as elvis presley!! :) too fun!