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Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger
- author unknown

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time Flys

Wow!! Time Flys!! Cant believe I havent posted in like 2 weeks. We have been busy,busy,busy!
And really I just havent been able to make myself take the time to post anything, guess I just go through these phases. Well to catch up since I posted last, we went to an Alabama basketball and baseball game and had an ABSOLUTE blast! It was Sam's first trip to Tuscaloosa so we had to show him around, went to the Bear Bryant museum and saw a couple games, made some GREAT memories =) Enjoyed Dr. Seuss week with Sam at his school! I got to read Green Eggs and Ham to his class and made some "Green Egg" cupcakes for "Sam I Am" and his class. We saw the Wizard of Oz Broadway show last weekend and it was WONDERFUL! Has always been one of my favorite all time movies and Sam seems to enjoy it too, it was fun to see it on broadway. Thanks to my Aunt Judy for those tickets =) We're all ready for baseball season around here!! Sam will be playing on the "Red Sox" and will have Mr. Chad B and his daddy for coaches again, looking forward to a fun season of being at the ball park!! Are you tired of hearing about all of this yet?!?! I really hate that I let myself get so behind but I dont want to leave any of this out, its like my journal =) .......... Sam lost his 2nd tooth!! FINALLY!! That darn tooth was going to be the death of me, we went round and round about that tooth, even went to the dentist about it! It was OH SO LOOSE, forevah!! But it wouldnt come out!! Finally he lost umm I mean I yanked that tooth out this week =). The day before it came out I actually took him downtown for a little photo shoot, (since he is about to be 6, and thats a whole nother post in itself, im very sad about my baby gettin so BIG) anyways, I love that in those pictures I took you can see that little "billy bob" tooth as Joy calls it barely hangin in there. Years from now when I look back at those pictures I will smile when I remeber all the drama that went along with that tooth =)
Well that catches me up... now Im preparing for my little man's SIXTH birthday party =(=(=(
I am so sad!! Where does the time go?!?! Could it just slow down a tiny little bit?!?! Each and every day just flys by!!! His birthday isnt until the 18th but we are celebrating this weekend with his buddies at Huntsville Sports Academy!! Imagine that, he wanted a sports/Bama theme b-day party. So again this will be a busy weekend but FUN FULL of MEMORIES and thats what its all about. Gonna try to share some pics now, hope you werent bored to death reading this.

we had arrived... Sam's first of many to come trips to T-town

had to check out the "Bear" Bryant museum
Sam & the "Bear"

mommy & sam ready for the game

my 2 boys =)
can you say ready for the game?!?!

the tip off.... bama vs. ole miss

nothin better than some crimson tide baseball

love him

this is what the ride home looked like
great day.... great memories.... roll tide roll
Read Across America/Dr Seuss week
my very own "Sam I Am"
my "green egg" cupcakes
me reading Green Eggs and Ham to Sam's class

my sweet soon to be 6 year old Sam (before he lost that "billy bob" tooth) (will share more of these pics later)
and after that tooth was FINALLY out
will never ever forget the drama of that tooth
~love those big beautiful eyes~
after the shock was over that I had actually yanked it out, he couldnt believe it!!
we didnt think that tooth would ever come out!!

YEA~~Im caught up!! Im sure your tired of looking at all these pics but it feels better to be caught up again, only its 12:23 a.m. and Im gonna be really tired tomorrow!


one BleSSed gal! said...

Glad to see what's been going on with y'all! Busy-ness seems to be the rule this time of year. I love all your Tuscaloosa pictures, even if they aren't orange & blue :) I know you are relieved to have that little tooth gone...whew! Have fun planning that party!

Sarah said...

What a busy week. It sounds like it is about to get busier with baseball starting up. I love the cupcakes! I hope Sam has a very happy birthday!