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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

private vs public

Ok everyone here is something that Chad and I are so stuggling with right now. This year Sam has been attending a pre-school program at Best Beginnings at Murphy Hill Baptist Church. It has been an awesome program and I love the A BEKA cirriculum (christian based program) that they go by. It is very structured with chapel every day, weekly verse memorization and bible story, along with just learning the basics of letters, numbers, and learning to read. The director is an awesome Christian lady who has worked so hard to help make the program there what it is along with some very great teachers. Sam has done so well this year and we are so proud of him. Well now its time to decide where he will go to kindergarten . The director and majority of teachers at BB are moving to another church in Hazel Green to start another program there called Bethlehem Christian Academy . It will have pre-k through 5th grade and their goal is to add another grade every year. They will still go by they A BEKA cirr. and have small student-teacher ratios, maybe 10 to a class. That is our first option, we already have Sam registered there but in the back of my mind I keep questioning if we are doing the right thing..... The public school option is Lynn Fanning, which I have always heard wonderful things about, I have friends who are teachers there and know that it is a great school as well. We would know probaly at least 15 children or more and their parents that will be starting there next year. So there is that comfort knowing Sam will be with several buddies of his. I have heard that next year due to teacher proration there will be more children added to classrooms and I know that LF is dealing with over crowding. So obviously I have pros and cons to both options!!! Just wondered if anyone has opinions they would like to share. I am not one of these people who are just all for private or all for public!! Although I have to say in this day and time public school in general scares me, especially for the fact that they want to take God out of our schools and that is the very foundation that our kids need. I know we can teach them about our God at home and church.... I just have alot of different concerns! Chad and I are just trying to make the right decision for Sam and go where God would lead us, and I pray that he would show me where that is.


Joy said...

I myself am a product of public & private. I don't think there is a perfect answer for anyone...each family/child is different. Have you considered maybe just private Kindergarten? My oldest son attended the Kindergarten program at our church which was also ABEKA (agree with you...LOVE it). At the time, it was the perfect fit for us. He only had 12 kids in his class & the teacher got to know each & every child & what their struggles were. She had the time to work with them one-on-one. It was an absolutely wonderful experience for us! Cole had no problem transitioning into public 1st grade & I definitely felt like he was a little ahead of the game when he started.
All that being said, Ben attends public Kindergarten & I/he couldn't be happier there. I don't see that he is any ahead or behind where Cole was at this stage.

You know your'll make the right decision :)

The HoneaBees said...

I think this is something we all struggle with when the time comes. All you can do is pray about it and you will make the right decision...of course you know that. I will tell you that Mrs. Plant (the principal at Lynn Fanning) has been a family friend for many many years and is a wonderful person. If you ever had any sort of issues, she would be so easy to talk to. (if that makes you feel any better)
I think for us mommies, it's hard for us to imagine our babies at 'big' school because we want them to stay little forever. You and Chad will make the right decision and Sam will learn more than you ever want him to know at either place! ha

Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

I can't even imagine the decision that you are trying to make. Seems like it would be a tough call. My best advice would be to follow your heart. I truly feel that Sam will do fine with whatever decision you all make for him.... Best of luck!