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Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger
- author unknown

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bye Bye Max-i-poo and a trip to Build A Bear

Yesterday was a sad yet happy day....... Chad and I had been talking about finding a new home for our minature schnauzer Max or as Sam called him "Max-i-poo". We have only had him about 7 months and thought we were doing a great thing by getting Sam an inside dog to be buddies with. The lady that we bought him from lives in Faulkville and has been breeding these dogs for 20 years and takes it very serious!! She told us back when we bought him if things ever didnt work out she always will take her puppies back and find them a good home. Well Max truly was a great little dog but we just felt like we werent able to give him the attention he needed. We are ALWAYS on the go it seems, we just like to go places! It just seemed we were always leaving Max here at home in his crate. The hard part was how was Sam gonna take it when we tell him his dog is going back?!?!? Well Chad and I talked it over with him and explained it as Max was going back to his first home, where his mommy and daddy are and he would be so happy to be back with them and get alot more attention and love there!! Sam really took it well, he got a little upset Fri. night when we told him but Sat. morning he acted like he totally understood and actually seemed ok with it! So Doris excepted him back and said she already had a prospect for Max a new home. Someone who's Min. Schauzer had passed away and they were ready for another. That made it so much easier just to know that he would go to another family that would love him and could give him the attention he needed. Doris said she completely understood and remembered what it was like to have kids and be on the go all the time. So all turned out pretty well even though the drive was hard to take him back, he layed in my lap the whole way..... I know in the long run its gonna be better for everyone. No more doggies for us for a while......

Until we decided to make a trip to Build A Bear and let Sam create a dog that he could name Max to replace our real puppy Max. I thought that would be a great way to cheer Sam up and keep his mind off of it. Sam thought that was a great idea :) He chose a puppy and a space uniform for him to wear. ( He has been into the new Disney movie Space buddies) We ended up having a great Sat. even though it started out a little sad :( Sam has been carrying his"new doggie Space Max" around everywhere.

Enjoy the pics.......

Sam picked his new dog and named him space max

Making a wish on Max's heart before they put it inside.....

cleanin him all up

picking out his clothes

Mommy and Sam geeting him dressed in his space uniform

Sam and his space buddy Max

Bye Bye Max hope you love your new home......

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