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Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening day at the ballpark introducing the 2009 Meridianville Diamondbacks

Dont have alot of time to post because my little Sam is a little under the weather, he has been running a 102 fever since yesterday, no other symptoms so not sure whats going on but we have been snuggling all day!
This weekend was action packed and fun filled! Sat. was opening day at the Meridianville ball park. Sam is on the M-ville diamondbacks team and his coaches are Chad Baeder, Chad Reed(a.k.a. daddy), and Alan Guess. We had such a great time at the ball park Sat. It started off with all the teams on the field and they were all announced individually. Then they had a couple of games to play. Lots of other stuff going on but was more for the older kids. I just think the boys are adorable at this age in those "big" uniforms that about swallow them whole!! At least I know Sams did :) After the ballpark we had a skating b-day party to go to. Happy B-day Emma! Sam and Emma have been best buddies since they were born. Even though they dont see each other as often as they used to they will always have a special bond! Hope you all enjoy the pics, there are lots of them and Im sure I will keep em coming since this is only the beginning! Oh and can you believe this crazy weather?!?!?! Im gonna cover our azaelas tonight because they are full of little buds! What has happened to SPRING? Have a great week!

Sam and one of his buddies Thomas

Sam and Landon waiting on the fun to begin

silly boys

Sam running as they announced his name
team spirit

what a cutie :)

My favorite pic of the day!!!!

Daddy and Sam

2009 Meridianville Diamonbacks

getting ready to bat

yea! he made it to 3rd base

Go team :)


Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

How much fun is that, of course at the ballpark. Sorry to hear that Sam is not feeling well. Addie and Alex have also been under the weather this week! Just when I thought that they were getting better, the fever came back. I hope that you guys have a good day and that Sam gets to feeling better soon. Missed ya blogging last week!

Joy said...

I thought all the cooties were supposed to die after Spring Break??? Sure hope Sam is feeling better soon!

Love all those pics! My boys play everything (or at least they have at some point), but baseball is definitely my being at the ballpark, making new friends...OK, actually baseball is just slow enough that I can follow & know what's going on :)

Be sure to check out my post today...thanks for sharing the story of your PawPaw...LOVED it!

Sarah said...

Sorry Sam is sick :(.

I'm glad he is enjoying ball. I love watching the little one play. They have so much fun!

I need to get out and cover my flowers also- we might get snow flurries tonight! This is my spring break so I'm very sad the weather is not pretty.