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- author unknown

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bliZZard 2011 = bEsT of TiMeS with fRiEnDs!!

Blizzard of January 2011...we never ever get this much snow!! The weather men had been predicting this storm for over a week and this time they finally were right on it!! We got 8.5 inches at our house but other areas around us got as much as 12 inches. Today we are on our 3rd day out of school but feel like today will be the last snow day for Sam. Chad went back to work today and what is normally a 25 minute drive was an hour and half this morning, CrAzY. We have thouroughly enjoyed our time at home and in the snow!! I feel like a bear thats about to hibernate though....gotta stop eating and get back on our normal schedule!! We have been sledding.sledding.and more sledding. Made some snow cream that was yUm-O. Snowball fights. Lots of fun times for sure. But....the snow can go now, I am so ready for SpRinG!!

this was shortly after the snow began on Sunday night, it came down so fast and was beautiful
it didnt take long for the snow to accumulate

our house... Monday morning we woke up to 8.5 inches

we headed up to the M-ville ball park where there was a great hill for sledding with friends
me and my boys about to head down the hill!! so much fun!!

the big kids had as much fun as the little kids :)

Love the excitement on their faces

my CrAzY hubby!

going down on the boogie board

Love it!!

gotta have one more bite!

these kids had a blast!! memories to last forever cause this sure doesnt happen often around here!

what a cute bunch!!


A Wife and a Teacher said...

It looks like y'all have had a blast in the snow!!! I LoVe the first picture, you look so happy!

Forget spring, I'm ready for summer!

one BleSSed gal! said...

These pictures just make me smile! I love the excitement on Sam's face & how carefree you look! Definitely memories none of you will ever forget! And mostly I'm just jealous of how cute you look all color-coordinated...I always look like a mismatched hodge-podge when trying to stay warm :)

boyMOM said...

LOVE these pictures!! :D
That first one of you & the hubs on the sled made me chuckle!! Too sweet...<3 the expressions {pure happieness}!
What a FUN week!!

brooke said...

Jennifer, these pictures are great! Y'all look like you had so much fun! I especially love the ones of you and the hubs sledding. :)