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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Commitment I Must Fulfill

I have followed the LPM blog pretty much since I started blogging.... I love Beth Moore!! Just finished up her Esther study with some great friends before the holidays and let me just say it was a MAJOR BLESSING to me. She is such an inspiration!! Thanks to some motivation from a couple blogging friends I am gonna jump on with the Beth Moore Siesta Scripture Memory Team!! Feel free to join in if this motivates you too, its not too late!! I will faithfully be memorizing 2 bible verses of my choice each month. You share the verses that you pick with all of the other siestas on Living Proof Ministries Blog (Beth Moore). You pick a verse at the beginning and middle of every month and she will let you know when its time share them on her blog. To get the complete details please refer to this post. I will admit I started this last year...I had all of my index cards organized, got off to a great start, but I didnt stick to it....this year its a commitment I'm making to God and myself and its one I must fulfill!! I cant wait to see what God will show me through his word.
I couldnt resist ordering this perfect little binder of index cards that Beth has specifically for can find it on her website...only $ Im waiting on it to arrive :)
Thanks Sarah and Beth for the extra motivation on this!! Joy and Kera...Im gonna miss you on this next Beth Moore study you girls are about to begin :( :( :( You all are such blessings to me!!!

Memory Verse 1
Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the Lord and enjoy safe pasture.
Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him. Psalm 37:3~4,7a NIV
Would love to know if anyone else who might be reading decides to join in!! It will surely be a blessing!!


Amy J. said...

Jennifer, You don't know me (and I don't officially know you but feel as though I do!)

I also follow the LPM blog and as soon as I saw the memorization team I felt compelled to join in! My verse for this week is Psalm 4:4-5: In your anger, do not sin: when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent. Offer right sacrifices and trust in the Lord (NIV)

My husband and I chaperoned a youth trip over the New Year and it seemed that a spirit of negativity was in several conversations over the weekend which troubled me. I had yet to choose my first verse so when we got home I stretched out on the bed with my bible and told the Lord that I was just weary and to be honest just agrrevated over some things (my personality type to TAKE CHARGE AND FIX IT!!). I told Him that I desperately wanted to hear from Him and with that began searching for my verse...Imagine my surprise a moment later when my eyes landed on Psalm 4:4-5!! I would say that I indeed HEARD from Him!! I love it when He reminds me that He hears my hearts cry and is able to answer.

I have followed your desire for a child and have often lifted your request before the Lord. I look forward to rejoicing with you someday! Your son is a cutie! Treasure those precious mommy/son moments while you have them! At our house, they are fleeing fast (a 16 year old son!) It seems lately that the subject of college works its way into most conversations somehow.....

Your friend in Christ,
Fort Payne, AL

The HoneaBees said...

I am so proud that you are doing this! It will definitely be a blessing. One thing I have found to be helpful with memorization is to write out the first letter of each word in the verse. Then once I have read over my verse 10 times, I go to that card and try to say it with only the first letters. This is a kind of inbetween step, but helps when I am unsure of exactly what is next.

Good luck to you, Sara, and Beth. I know y'all will do so good! I will check in with you to see how it's coming.
Read will help you with memory work.
We will miss you next week! love u!

Beth said...

So glad you are going to do it with us!! I am already saving to go to Houston next January, but if I don't make it maybe those of us here can have our own SSMT celebration!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Amy J. I am so glad that you commented and have also joined in with the SSMT verse memorization!!
Do you have a blog?

Kera, thanks for the tips!

Beth, I know there isnt any way I will be able to go to Houston but if you dont, a celebration here would be lots of fun!!