The Lord is near. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4:4-9

Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger
- author unknown

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas!

Well Christmas break is over....:( Sam went back to school today. I spent the day getting my house back to normal. Sad to see the holidays go!! We have had the best time together!! and there is nothing better than just spending time together as a family. Chad was off work this whole past week....we spent the days staying up late and sleeping in, playing with all of Sam's new games & toys, being lazy, staying in our p.j.'s all day and dont let me forget...dancing!! I bought Just Dance 2 with a gift card for (myself) and it is a blast!! Hilarious but a blast!! Hope I dont bore ya too much with Christmas pics but I took a bunch, as usual ;)We started Christmas get togethers on Wed. before Christmas...this was before we headed to Chad's mom & step dads house

Christmas with Chad's mom & step dad...

Christmas Eve we got together with my mom, step dad, and my step sister's family...Wow! Popa & Granny Sue got Sam a T.V. for his playroom! Now he really hopes that Santa will bring that PS3 he wants so badly!
Sam & Caleb~sweet cousins =)
Popa, Granny Sue, & Sam
then it was time to head home and get ready for Santa! Sam was the most excited about Christmas that he has ever been!!

Getting cookies, milk, & carrots ready for Santa & Rudolph
Sam's letter to Santa ;)
Finally got Sam to bed & LOOK! Santa came!!
Love.Love.Love. my baby's excitement!! He wanted a pillow pet so so bad and daddy told him he didnt need it but look what Santa brought!! So excited!!
a PS3 game???? that must mean there is a PS3 here somewhere?!?!
Bop it!! I am addicted to this!!
Yea...General Grevious Star Wars lego set!!
and finally the last present he opened!! he got his PS3...although not sure who was more excited about this, Sam or Chad?!?!
he even got a phone call from Santa (a tradition that my PawPaw started and after he passed away my nephew has continued the tradation... my PawPaw loved to do this, I can just hear him now....Ho, Ho, Ho!!)

waking up to a white cant get much better!! I dont ever remember this happening and it was just beautiful!!
My sweet family!
and we have done this every year on Christmas morning since Sam was old enough... I think it will be funny and great memories to look back at all these silly pictures one day!
finally we had to make time to go play in the snow before getting ready for Christmas lunch with family.....
my snow angel!!!
and our Bama snowman
the snow was just beautiful!!
can you tell his cheek and ear had been pelted with a snowball
firing one back at dad ;)
back in the house... one last pic with all that Santa had left!! must have been a very good boy!!
Christmas lunch with my family at my moms...
my little brother Wes (really my nephew but may as well call him my little bro! we are so close in age its always seemed that way) and Sam is his shadow!! Isnt Wes' dog Mily too cute!! She is 4 months old and rotten!!
We had a wonderful holiday season and hope that all of you did too!! Cant believe its already the New Year! Hope all of you have a blessed 2011. Enjoy every minute with your family, it just seems to keep going by faster & faster!


A Wife and a Teacher said...

What a fun and busy Christmas! I'm sure this will be one everyone will remember for a long time!

I am so excited that you are doing the memory verses too! We will all have to get together again soon. Thank you for your sweet words and prayers. I am praying hard for you also.

Beth said...

Cute pics!!! I love seeing the excitement in the children's eyes on Christmas morning!

one BleSSed gal! said...

i LoVe the excitement on Sam's face! once again, i think our boys LoVe all the same things!!! and i think the carrying on of the Santa call is super sweet! aren't families such a blessing :)